Status: Adopted

Playing, walking, loving and herding—yes, herding: I’m a busy guy! It’ a guess, but I might be part Border Collie, so I have an urge to gather together my furry friends and human family. Just trying to do my part!

Foster mom says I’m also doing my part by being a welcome house guest with very nice manners. I alert my foster family when I need to go out, and I try to follow their instructions—most of the time.  I have learned to take treats very gently too.

We go for walks several times each day because I am a high energy boy and need lots of exercise. I walk pretty well with a harness. When I see other dogs, though, it’s hard for me to contain myself. I get very excited and bark and need someone strong to hold on to me. With proper positive training, maybe someday I will be ok watching other dogs go by.

It’s probably best that I am the only dog in my forever home.  I can do well with some dogs, but others I am not too fond of.  I guess you could say I am dog selective.

Foster mom says that I’m a very affectionate boy. I love to be near my humans and solicit pets.  I could earn a fortune if I had a kissing booth, but right now I give kisses out freely. I can be found lying on my back while someone rubs my tummy. I gaze up with lots of love. Snuggle time is so special.

Free kisses anyone?

Male, 4 Years Old, Mix