Status: Adopted

Peaches square

I’m Peaches!  I may not be 100% Golden Retriever, but I inherited all the best qualities of the breed.  I love people and I am especially gentle with the little ones.  Tennis balls? I can’t get enough of playing fetch. I have even learned to return the ball and drop it at the thrower’s feet! I love long walks and try not to pull on my leash.  I could easily continue further than our usual 1 ½ mile walking adventures.  I have lost some weight as a result of my lengthy jaunts and now have a new svelte figure. Unfortunately for stuffies, their life span is not very long with me in control. I can find and remove the squeakers in a flash.  When fur foster brother Chazz and I aren’t walking or running around the back yard, we enjoy car rides. The best seat is right behind the driver and I always claim it so I am close enough to get a scratch or two when I lean forward. Sometimes I am a little unsure of how to react around strange dogs and I will bark or give a warning growl.  If given a little time, I settle down and accept their friendship. Slow but sure is my byword when it comes to meeting new canines.

Although I have a sugar face, everyone thinks I am much younger than ten years old. I am very active and healthy.  When I came into As Good as Gold’s care, I learned that I had a slightly elevated level of an enzyme in my blood which is made by my liver. I took some medication to support my liver function for a while and now my veterinarian says that I am completely healthy and no longer need to take drugs for that condition.  He does suggest that I have a blood test once a year to make sure I am still on a healthy track.

I love to cuddle on the couch with my family or just lean on them while I relax on the floor. I also find comfort in snuggling close to Chazz when it is bedtime.  I am the household’s welcoming committee and I get very excited when they return from long or short outings. I can’t help but whine and groan and offer kisses galore to let them know how much I missed them.  When I find my forever family, I promise to be a loving companion and greet them at the door with enthusiasm and Golden hugs and kisses.


10 Years Old