Status: Success Stories

Odie Success Story

We adopted our beautiful Red Golden “Odie” in 2013.   Odie was “behavior-challenged” with no manners or restraint!   Not anymore.  He is the most wonderful dog anyone can possibly imagine.   We have remained consistent with the training his foster family gave him to curb his hyper tendencies.  His step-brother “Mac” taught him how to chill out and be more mellow and relaxed.

Odie behaves well with other animals including our cockatiel, who is out of his cage all the time.  He accompanies us to work every day and greets customers as they come in.  He goes swimming in Lake Michigan in the summer and swims in the Gulf of Mexico during the winter.  He is very smart and takes no time at all to learn new habits or tricks.  He has dropped bad habits like counter surfing or jumping on people or furniture.

We REALLY lucked out with our dog Odie!  He brings us joy and pleasure every day and provides us with a furry someone to give lots of love, attention, toys and treats to. We are so thankful to have Odie… Thanks so much AGaG!