Status: Adopted

You may confuse me with the most popular figure in Star Wars lore, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is the legendary Jedi Master who is noble and gifted. That description matches my personality perfectly. Since I had Entropion surgery on my eyes, I no longer have eyelashes which irritate my eyes and make me squint. This change certainly enhances my noble good looks. I am also gifted with being highly intelligent. I respond to “sit”, “shake”, “down”, “come”, “drop it” and “wait” without hesitation. At my foster home, I am simply known as Obi. Instead of light sabers, I surround myself with my favorite stuffed animals named Rooster and Big Dog and a blanket that I brought from my previous home.

I am very friendly toward people, but I don’t like other dogs getting into my space. Cats are not on my list of favorites either and I will take every opportunity to chase rabbits, squirrels and other small critters.  I like to be on the go and when I hear the word “ride”, I am always ready to travel. I am happy to stick my head out an open window or relax on the back seat. As a high energy guy, leash “walks” can easily turn into a trot or an all-out run.  I can cover a mile or two with ease.

Skin allergies are a constant concern for me, so I take Apoquel to help prevent the itchies. Bi-weekly medicated baths and a grain-free diet also help keep my symptoms under control.  Foster mom spoils me by giving me raw all natural dog food and peanut butter filled Kongs occasionally. I’m a lucky dog!

Young children tend to make me nervous because they move so quickly and I am leery that they might try to pull my tail or jump on me. I love older kids though and look forward to playing games of fetch and tug of war with them.  I would like to find a forever adult family where l am the only pet. Then I won’t have to share the ear and tummy rubs. This Jedi will be the happiest Golden in the Galaxy if I am invited to join a Force who will help me burn off my excess energy and be willing to join me for some snuggles at the end of a busy day.

No dogs, no cats, no kids


6 Years Old