Nuadha square

I am a very handsome guy with a unique name and have a wonderful genetic mixture.  My name pronounced New-ah is from Celtic origin meaning protector and is a mythical god and leader.  Foster mom says that I have the patient, gentle temperament of a Great Pyrenees, the intelligence of an Australian Shepherd and most importantly, the loyalty of a Golden Retriever.  I love to spend time in my fenced yard and watch over the neighborhood and am always ready to protect the front door from interlopers.  My name is perfect for me!

Squirrels and rabbits are my nemesis and I will give chase to any critters that enter my yard.  Because of my strong prey drive, a home without cats or small dogs would be my preference.  Before I came to As Good as Gold, I was in the homes of several different families.  Moving around so much made me feel a little insecure and very cautious about forming new friendships.  It may take a little time, but when I feel I can trust a newcomer, I will show them my huge capacity to love.

My foster mom is working with me on changing what she calls “fence aggression.”  I will sometimes frantically bark at any strangers approaching my yard.  With her patient positive reinforcement training, lots of love and a small dose of a medication for fear aggression, I am learning how to control my territorial behavior.  My idea of adventure is a car ride with a seat by the window where I am a gentleman and ride quietly.

I have come a long way in gaining my self-confidence and want to continue my training with my forever family.  I don’t need yummy treats as a reward for good behavior or completing a task. Just a tummy rub and a kiss on the top of my head is enough remuneration for me!


3 Years Old