Status: Adopted

I found the toybox!

Inside I found lots of things that I love to carry around the house. I get to take the tennis balls outside, chasing them is so much fun!

This type of play is very new for me. I just learned about playing from my furry foster brother. He teaches me a lot about life. When I get to my forever home, it’s very important that I have an active furry sibling there too.

I am retired from breeding and now I can learn how to live in a home.  Some nice people greeted me, and then a nice dog greeted me too! I felt lots more comfortable with another dog. I followed him around and we became quick friends. Playing with other dogs is one of my favorite pastimes.

Being with my foster family is as thrilling as the toy box—in a different way. My foster mom patiently and kindly teaches me how to be a nice pet. She highly suggests that my forever family be people who will continue this kindly teaching and be patient with me.

Foster mom believes I’ve made her job a bit easier for several reasons. One, I’m housebroken, “Never a problem there,” she says. I also come when I’m called. I learned “drop it,” very quickly too! I’ve never torn up anything in the house, and I’m not a counter surfer. (Perhaps I don’t counter surf because I’m too small to reach the countertop; I’m only 54 pounds.)

Outdoor freedom is new to me, so as much as I enjoy being outside, and am even willing to be on a leash at times, a fenced-in yard must be part of my forever home.

When my foster family is away and during the night, I get to sleep in a fabulous space: the sunroom! When I’m not sleeping, I get to observe the activities of nature that are happening right on the other side of the windows! It’s a thrill for me!

Today for the first time I followed my foster mom up the steps and into her office. That’s where I’m lying right now as I think about all of these wonderful changes to my life. I was eavesdropping too. I heard my stepmom say, “Nellie is a very sweet girl. I love it when she comes to me and rests her head in my lap waiting to be petted and wanting to be near me.” I might be skittish around some new people, but thanks to my foster mom, I’m realizing there are many nice people in the world.

My life has taken a positive turn in recent months. And, you know, I’ve discovered that life is like a toybox, you never quite know what you’ll find next. I’m hoping to find my forever home.

Female, 5 Years Old