Status: Success Stories

The first four dogs I fostered with As Good as Gold (AGaG) were young, active males. Next, I was asked to consider an 11-month-old, hyperactive female who was too much for her original family to handle. The evaluator described her as “bouncy”. When she arrived, my youngest golden, Dudley Do-right, became her best buddy. So, we changed her name to Nell, got her into obedience class, formally adopted her, and have enjoyed her energetic personality for almost 10 years. She’s mentored more than 30 new fosters, appeared twice in the AGaG calendar, and was featured on her own bottle of cabernet sauvignon in the annual wine fund raiser.

A regular at many Meet and Greets, she continually promotes golden retriever rescue, is a best friend to our other AGaG girl, Morgan, and remains my canine soulmate. These goldens are the loves of my life.