Status: Adopted

Nash Square

My favorite place to hang out is anywhere people are.  Toys don’t really interest me much, but give me a hug, a tummy rub or some sweet talk and I am a happy girl.  I shared my home with five children in my past life and am very gentle with little humans, dogs and cats.   I now live with three cats and my canine foster sister Casey. I often initiate a wrestling match or a game of chase with Casey who has tried to introduce me to balls.  I am glad that the kitties and Casey enjoy cuddling on the couch with me as much as I do.  Life would really be lonely without another dog in my life to interact with!

Car rides are one of my favorite activities and I sit in the center of the back seat in order to get the best view out the front window.  I am taken on several walks each day and am very calm and try not to pull on the leash.  As with many seniors, my hips were causing me some pain.  Now that I take an inexpensive pain medication and am losing some excess weight, I can run and take the stairs much easier.  I look forward to mealtimes even more now that I am dieting.  When I see Foster Dad filling my bowl, I do my happy dance of running in quick circles combined with a wagging tail and excited whines.  I have pesky ear infections that need medication for now.  They are very sensitive to the touch and I’m not happy about the daily cleaning. I struggle a bit, but after a little coaxing and maybe a treat I reluctantly submit to the treatment.  Foster dad assures me that my ears will feel better soon.

I’m working on learning more obedience commands and always come when I am called.  My favorite one is “Time for bed” when I jump up, run to the bedroom and settle into my bed after a day of activity.  My foster dad says I am a sweetheart and a joy to have around.  My given name is Nash.  Foster dad calls me “Dawn” because coming into As Good as Gold’s care was the beginning of many new days for me.  I hope that includes a forever family.


10 Years Old