Sweet, loving, adorable, delightful are just some of the words to describe me.  I love to curl up next to you and snuggle and am just as happy with my favorite toy on my dog bed.

I love to rub my face on the floor and then I roll onto my back and wiggle and get a good back scratch.  To me, that’s pure delight!  I have nice energy for a senior and love to go for walks.  I have also been a lucky girl to go on a boat ride.  I know how to get in and have no fear of water or waves or the rocking of the boat.  I even swam a little and liked it!

I have a bit if fear of thunderstorms, but as long as you can be near my or I can have a place to hide, I will be fine.  Also, I don’t like other dogs.  I will growl and bark at them, so I need to be the only dog in my home.  It is not known how I am with cats, so better not to take a chance.

If you are looking for a senior that will be a great companion, then I am your gal.

Female, 11 Years Old