Status: Adopted

Moses Square

I am a handsome gentleman with a beautiful blonde coat and a sugar face.  I once had a family who loved me, but they moved and couldn’t take me with them.  My name is Moses and I am eleven years old.  I think I was named after someone who lived a long fruitful 120 years, so I suspect that I have a whole lot more living to do.

I don’t have the energy I had when I was a yearling, but I do enjoy a few rounds of fetch occasionally now that I take Dasuquin for some arthritis in my shoulders that we senior citizens sometimes get.  I really look forward to mealtimes and when treats are being offered, I tend to move faster and take them very gently.   My past owners took me swimming at the beach a lot and I loved playing in the water and the sand with all my dog pals.  I am a friendly guy and can be silly and playful when someone initiates frivolity.

Car rides are so exciting and I only need a little boost to get into my seat. I used to get car sick when I was younger, but I am better now if you take the corners slowly and you promise we are not headed to the vet!  I seldom bark, but I do give a soft, “Woof” to my foster mom when I think it is time to wake up in the morning.  I look forward to cuddling with her for a bit. I have a growth on my side that many older goldens get called a Lipoma.  My veterinarian said that it is benign and since it doesn’t bother me, we should just leave it alone.  I was happy to hear that! J  I just had my teeth cleaned, so I have a sparkling smile and nice smelling breath which makes me very kissable.

I’m content to spend my days relaxing in the sun and enjoying my big dog bed in the evening with those I love close by.  Foster mom says that I am a sweetheart and will make a wonderful companion for a laid-back family who is looking for a new love bug family member.


11 Years Old