Status: Not Ready for Adoption

Morgan Square

My life has really changed since my owner relinquished me to AGaG.  When I first arrived at my foster home, I walked with a strange gait, my balance was not always good and I slid like Bambi on ice when I tried to walk on the tile floor.  My body was so stiff that even my tail hung straight down and I couldn’t wag it even when I was happy!  When I went to the veterinarian I had something called an MRI and the doctor said the good news was that there were no broken bones or disc problems.  He thought I might have had a spinal stroke at one time and exercise would help me improve my coordination.  My foster home has the right prescription for my recovery: active boys!   I am so lucky that I now have two human brothers at my foster home who play ball with me until I wear them out!  I love to romp in the snow and greet everyone I meet while on my walks.  All this exercise has helped my muscles get stronger and my walk is not like a bunny hop any longer. I still slide a bit on the tile floors, but with more time, conditioning and patience, you won’t even know I was somewhat debilitated in my past.

I love my 120 pound fur foster brother and I think I like the cat, but he won’t come near me and give me a chance to be friends!  I enjoy all the love and attention I am getting now and cuddling is my favorite thing to do after a long day of play.

If you are interested in taking lots of walks and helping me continue to get stronger, then I am the girl for you!  I will smother you with kisses and show you how my tail now swings like a golden pendulum when I am happy.


8 Years Old