Status: Success Stories

When a breeder discovered Morgan had a heart murmur, he relinquished her to As Good as Gold, and I became foster dad to the young pup.

An exam at Purdue University Veterinary Hospital determined that she had an additional more serious issue, a malformation of veins misdirecting blood flow around her liver.

After much research and a summer of numerous trips to West Lafayette, Indiana, for multiple surgeries, I decided it was best for me to formally adopt her. Once the surgery was complete, the Purdue staff asked to do a final exam to evaluate their treatment. They were amazed and ecstatic to find her completely cured and very healthy!

She and her girlfriend, Nell, my other adopted golden from As Good as Gold, have mentored new fosters and attended many “meet and greets.” They share “our” bed every night and look forward to their next foster friend.