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Molly success story

I was adopted six months after my family lost their first golden to cancer.  It was my job to cheer everyone up and give companionship to my older brother Carl (on the right).  I was a bit nasty when I first got home with Carl and growled at him.  Within a few days, however, I learned that Carl was the boss and we became best friends.  Although he is older and does not like to play, he is the leader of my pack and I like to lie around with him. It is also my job to keep the kids company and lay with them.  Even though I keep being told I am not a lap dog, I can’t help climbing on their laps for love and attention. I also keep the chair warm for my family’s return. I almost forgot, I love our backyard as well, and chasing the squirrels that run along on top of the fence. Thanks so much for my forever home – they are great!

January 2015