Status: Adopted


“Did you say ‘walk?’ Let’s go!”

If I could place my own classified ad for a foster family, it would read: Golden Retriever looking for active family that will take him for two healthy walks each day. Treats and affection appreciated.

Though I celebrated my 8th birthday June 4, foster dad says, “He’s a two-year-old in an 8-year-old body.” Besides a couple of age-related fatty lumps, and a skin infection that flares up now and again, this 8-year-old body is doing pretty well.

My likes are walks, chewing on toys, and getting the ball when dad throws it for me!  I’ll give it back—for a treat! My dislikes are cats and small dogs. I’m curious about other dogs my size. Dad thinks I might like to play with them, but we haven’t done that yet—social distancing, I hear.

Every morning I relentlessly remind my dad that it’s time for our walk. I’m enthusiastic about going out as there is so much to sniff and examine along the way. I like to take care of my personal business out there too. During the day I might rest and play with toys. But, when it’s time for my second walk—I’m raring to go!

Foster dad says that I’m a sweet boy who loves people and displays affection. (I’ll bet you can tell that by my Golden smile!).

If you’re looking for a good friend and walking companion, I’m your guy!