Status: Adopted

Mickey Square

When I am extra happy, my tail curls over my back and I wag just the tip.  I have a thick fluffy coat which makes me look bigger than my sixty-six pounds.  My foster mom says I am a golden retriever most likely mixed with a little something else.  I think that blend makes me a very handsome dude.

Age is just a number to me because I am very energetic and seldom have the need for a senior citizen nap.  I am a healthy guy and have no hint of age related arthritis or joint issues.  When invited, I eagerly jump into the car unaided and wait to join in any adventures my family has planned.  I sleep contently through the night and don’t stir until the family gets up and then I’m ready to roll!  Since I am in my middle years, I don’t have to be under constant scrutiny like a younger pup.  At my age, I can be trusted not to touch things that aren’t mine and my potty habits are reliable.  My foster family says that I am “a joy” to leash walk and I also love to run freely at the dog park.  Toys don’t really interest me, but I do enjoy an occasional chew on a good bully stick.

Since I moved in with my fur foster sibs Nelly and Parker, I have learned to understand an unspoken dialect called “Dog Language”.  After being on the receiving end of a few growls and snarls, I now comprehend the unspoken clues they give me when I sniff them inappropriately or get too close to a bone they have.  Presently, we get along much better and I am an accepted pack member!

My original owner took me to puppy obedience classes, but I definitely need a refresher course on basic skills like “sit” and “come”.  Until I learn to respond to commands a little better, I will need a fenced yard or be kept on a leash in open areas so we don’t get into a game of chase.  I am a very nice guy who loves to be close to my humans and look forward to becoming a loyal companion to a family who falls in love with my outgoing personality and sweet freckled face.


9 Years Old