Status: Adopted

Messi in PR squareName: Messi
Age: 4 Months


Could I be any cuter?  I am a fun loving, sweet natured, happy boy.  I came from Puerto Rico, where I was found running around the streets.  I had an adventure flying on a plane and now I am here looking for my forever home.  I am a mix as you can see, it’s anyone’s guess what I am, but I am adorable if I do say so myself.

I have a lot of energy, but after all, I am a puppy.  I love to play and play and play.  I love squeaky balls and absolutely love squeaky toys.  I will throw a ball above my head and chase it.  I like to gather all of the toys around me and lay down and play with them.  It’s  fun amusing myself.  I definitely need a lot of toys to chew on since I am a puppy.  Foster mom got me a baby pool and I love it!!  I will throw toys in it and pounce on them.  Splashing around is so much fun.

I am a bundle of energy when we wake up in the morning, and then I am ready for a nice nap in my crate.  I love my big foster brother.  He is my idol and I copy everything he does.  He even lets me cuddle with him when we take naps.

Since I am a puppy, I am still in training.  I am learning how to go potty outside, but I have a lot more to learn, so I will need a family that will take me to positive reinforcement training classes.  Are you ready for some puppy love?