Status: Coming Soon

My name is May and I’m 3-years old. I was born in China. There, I was called “Da Mei.”

I’m not ready to be adopted yet, but I wanted to let you know ahead of time because I would be very excited to have my very own family!

Currently I’m living with a very nice foster family. Foster dad is working with the vet in helping me with some medical issues. Their care must be working because I’m feeling so much better! For one thing, I had developed seizures. The MRI showed that my brain is normal, and no signs of swelling. The vet cannot define their origin, but they haven’t been evident recently.

The vet has also identified bilateral, moderate elbow arthritis, moderate hip dysplasia, and compromised distance vision. I am scheduled to see the eye doctor before I can be adopted too. Oh, I was also a bit overweight.

Foster dad says I’m a “very sweet and gentle girl.” And I can tell you that I really love people. Sometimes I get so happy that my tail wags, I give lots of kisses, and try to snuggle and play. I also get very excited when it’s walk time! I heard dad say, “May literally takes off down the driveway, almost running. I have never seen this from her before. I think her weight loss, even a few pounds, coupled with the arthritis medicine is really having its effect.”

He adds, “May has now turned into a typical 3-year-old.” He said that when he found me running around the house, jumping onto the couch, confiscating socks, and trying to open the pantry door to steal food.

An As Good as Gold friend noted, “Nothing phases her.” And she’s right! Thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuum cleaners, louds TV’s—no problem.  I even tried to help her vacuum when I stayed with her. She thought that was wild!

Oh, and she found out another favorite of mine: I absolutely love being brushed. She said she thought my coat was especially thick and gorgeous. It does show up nicely in the sun, doesn’t it?