Status: Adopted

I love being part of a family! In fact, my foster mom says, “All Max really wants is to love and be loved.”

I would say she’s right! Well, tying for a close second are treats and tennis balls. But, yes, family companionship—including my furry foster sister— is number one with me. What’s not to love? We take walks together, relax at home together: it’s a win-win! My foster parents rub my chin and chest, they’ve given me a cozy bed, good food, and tennis balls! I give back to them by adapting to almost whatever they want me to do. Get this: I wore the winter boots they put on me with no hesitation! I don’t jump or counter surf. I’m housebroken; I’m not a barker. I do try to be a very good boy.

Playtime for me can be spent playing ball with my foster sister. Or, I make my own fun by playing fetch with the balls on my own, batting them around, and chasing them all by myself!

Meal time, ahhhhh. One of the very most exciting parts of the day! And treats! Somehow I got into the habit of expecting a treat when I come in from outside. I sit very politely in front of my foster mom and wait for my goody.

I’m eleven-years old. Perhaps a tad hard of hearing, though that’s questionable, as I do respond to my name and wake up when I hear a loud noise.

My foster family refers to me as a tall, “gentle giant.” They say I’m extremely sweet and gentle. Do you have a place in your family for a happy and good boy like me?

Male, 11 Years Old