Status: Adopted

After my long journey from Puerto Rico, it didn’t take long for me to relax and become comfortable in my foster home.  It also didn’t take long for me to be renamed Mollie, which foster mom says is a sweet name for a sweet girl.  I guess she thinks I am pretty sweet.

No one can believe that I am 10 years old.  I have the energy of a much younger dog, more like a 7-year-old.  I am housebroken and can have the run of the house when you are gone and I don’t cause any problems.  I love taking walks and walk great on a leash.  Sometimes I like to think I will tell those pesky squirrels that they can’t get past me, but it’s really all for show.

I play catch with a tennis ball, but I have my own rules.  I have foster mom trained.  She rolls the ball, I fall on top of it, she comes and gets the ball and we do it all over again.  It’s a really fun game.  I also had a favorite toy when I was in Puerto Rico that was mailed to my foster home.  I was so happy when it arrived.  I carry it everywhere I go.

I love going on car rides and will jump eagerly into the back seat.  I always wait patiently for foster mom while she runs her errands.

When I first got to my foster home, I didn’t know what stairs were.  Once I realized that at night time, foster mom and dad went upstairs to sleep, I wanted to be with them.  I built up the courage to make it up the stairs so I could be close to them.  It took me a bit longer to learn how to go down the stairs because it looked pretty scary, but now I do very well with going up and down.

I have had no problem getting adjusted to the colder Chicago temperatures.  I have already seen a little bit of snow and realized it was no big deal.

I have settled in and now I am ready for my forever home.  My golden traits are shining through.  I am a typical Velcro golden, craving attention, enjoying belly rubs and laying close to foster mom and dad.  I am ready to love you to pieces.

Female, 10 Years Old