Status: Adopted

mars square

Name: Mars
Age: 2


I was saved from a shelter in Puerto Rico and was so happy when I arrived at the airport in Chicago.  It was like I had been here forever.  I am a sweet, loving, playful guy who is now enjoying the golden life.  My past is a secret, but I know that my future is going to be great.

I get along great with other dogs, and I even am ok with cats, unless they put up a good chase, then I will run after them for fun.  Kids are wonderful too, but I am a big and little clumsy and might knock the little ones down.  Especially if I see something I really want, I don’t care what is in my way.  I just get there as fast as I can.

My favorite toy is my Chuck It ball.  I carry it around everywhere I go.  Sometimes I think it needs a bath, so I drop it in my water bowl for a good rinse, or even on the dishwasher when foster mom is putting dishes in.  After all, that is a great way to get her to play with me.

Foster mom says I am an absolutely great dog and the most easy going she has seen.  I am stuck to her side at all times and always keep her company.  I love attention and will paw you with my big, strong paws for more.

Since I am a young boy, and I don’t know any commands, I will need a family that will take me to training classes so I can learn all of the fun things that dogs get to learn to be great companions.  I will melt you with my sweet face and would love to move right in.  What do you think?