Status: Adopted

Are you looking for a springtime walking companion?

I love taking walks. If you like walks too, wouldn’t it be a win-win? Together we could enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and the multitude of scents in the great outdoors (my nose knows every one!)

Foster mom says I’m a sweetheart and would make a wonderful companion for someone who is looking for a “low-key” Golden Retriever. Mom knows so many of my good qualities: I’m housebroken; I know the commands “Come” and “Leave it”; I’m good in the car and am not a counter surfer. I’m not even afraid of loud noises!

Although I’m just 4-years-old, I do have arthritis and mild hip dysplasia in my left hip. Therefore, my exercise routine happily includes walks, but running is not on the agenda. I do take one medication and need one injection for my arthritis. This certainly helps as I can finally keep up with foster mom on our walks, I easily jump onto the couch, and she caught me chasing squirrels the other day!

During our walks, I’m thrilled to meet people along the way! I’ve heard several say, “He’s a friendly boy!” Yet, the people I’m closest to are the members of my loving foster family.

I’m not really the playful type. I’m cordial around other dogs, but don’t have much interest in playing either with them or with toys. While around children, I have been well behaved, yet am not interested in playing. Mainly I simply choose to investigate the world on my own or by my mom’s side.

When the day is coming to a close, it feels so nice to sit next to mom and be petted. But then I like to move to my very own bed for a relaxing snooze. I rest in my comfy bed while my foster family is away too; it’s kept in the family room. I respect my foster family’s belongings, even while they’re away.

I heard foster mom say, “He has to be the best-behaved dog I have had.” Wow!

I’m looking for a life-long companion and forever home. Are you looking for a sweet companion like me?

Male, 4 Year-Old Male