Status: Adopted

Mango Square

Are you missing a shoe or two?  Look no further. I admit it! I am a shoe thief!  I love to take my foster dad’s shoes and move them to different locations.  I never harm them in any way.  I just enjoy watching him search for my hiding places!

I am a happy girl who has always lived outside.  Because I have had to withstand all weather conditions, my coat is very thick. I am healthy except I need to take several inexpensive pills every day called thyroxine which is a synthetic thyroid hormone.  I am pretty smart and insist that my pills be wrapped in cheese or liver sausage!  The thyroid medication along with my daily walks will help me regain my girlish figure.  I am well on my way because foster dad and I have walked over forty miles in the last two weeks!

Foster fur brother Casey, the three cats and I get along fine, but rather than play I would rather sit close to my humans and get pets and ear scratches.  I love car rides and jump into the shot gun position when given the opportunity.  It took me a little time to feel comfortable living in a house where all the sights and sounds were new to me.  I have been a polite house guest and haven’t had any potty accidents since I arrived.  I am comfortable relaxing on the floor and don’t get on the furniture.  I no longer need to be crated and I can be trusted to behave myself when left alone.  I am very friendly and love everyone I meet giving tail wags and occasional barking greetings.

I hope that my future family will continue to help me build my stamina by taking me on frequent walks and teaching me to play interactive dog games like fetch and chase.  I think I am just about perfect and I would like to live inside your home where I will be a significant part of your family and your closest companion furever.


9 Years Old