My name is Maisy and I’m a sweet and affectionate five year old golden mix.  I’ve got gorgeous eyes and beautiful white fur with streaks of gold. I look like an entirely different dog than when I was found as a stray back in August.

I’m not only beautiful … I am smart! I know my basic commands of sit, down and come and what I don’t know, I can learn fast.  All I need is a little love and guidance because who doesn’t learn from a little encouragement and positive reinforcement?

I’m very respectful and trustworthy. I used to wait in my crate when my foster family left the house, but now I settle down in front of the window where I can watch them leave and return. I’m content to stay there until I see them arrive, and when they do, I am so happy to see them.  I can’t wait to greet them as they come through the door.

I love my foster family and I am very loyal and protective.  I didn’t have an easy life as a stray and living on the street.  I may get a little aggressive and territorial when I’m outside. I’m not very familiar or confident with moving objects, such as cars, bicycles and strollers. I pull on my leash when I walk and that could be part of my stress, but I’m ready and eager to learn a better way.

I don’t know much about cats, and I would probably need to be in a home where I am the one and only dog.  I tend to bark at other dogs, including the neighbor dog next door, but that’s one of the new things I am also learning … not to stress and bark back.

I finished my heartworm treatment, and my foster family thinks I am ready for my forever home, as I am extremely smart and can adapt quickly.