Rainbow Bridge

May 2015 – Update on Maggie

I went to the doctor today because my leg hurt and they told me that I have something called Osteosarcoma.  I guess that’s bone cancer.  So, I am staying with my foster mom to have the best time of my life.  She has already taken such good care of me, so I am happy here.


Hi, there!  Hope all of you out there are as excited to greet the new day as I am!  My name is Maggie and although I admit to having a ‘sugar’ face, I still have a lot of get up and go even though I am 12 years old.  I love to run in the yard (foster mom says it is more of a gallop), jump up and down and bark at the neighborhood cats, dogs and people and sometimes at nothing at all, but I am learning that foster mom prefers a little less barking.  But life is just so exciting!  I love to run in the house and jump up on the love seat so I can see out the window.  Foster mom says all my running and jumping would be a little more seemly if I wasn’t 80lbs!  I love to go for walks and foster mom is very glad that I have learned not to run and jump and bark while she is holding the other end of the leash.

Another thing that excites me a lot is meal time.  I would like nothing better than to jump up and down and bark and say wu-wu to encourage foster mom while she is putting together our doggie meals, but I am learning to sit quietly and watch her just like my foster sisters.  Meal time is especially exciting because I am on a diet of some very delicious foods and supplements to help my skin be healthier and it is working!  I also have quite a few lumps and bumps and two had to be removed because they were bothering me and one was something called cancer.  I feel great, now, ready to run and jump (and bark) my way into a forever home.

Are you ready for my 12 year old, exuberant take on life?


12 Years Old