Maggie (Flor)

Status: Success Stories

Several months after we lost our 12+ year old golden Bella (an AGAG adoptee at 8 months we decided to adopt another. A few weeks later we learned about a 3-5 year old golden from Puerto Rico named Flor. We knew this was our little girl when we saw her photos. She was being treated for heartworm and needed shots for arthritis, but AGAG would pay for the treatment if we brought her to their vet.

A foster mom called and when we went it was love at first sight. AGAG has been taken care of the medical bills, and we just completed the last round of shots. AGAG offered a wealth of information and suggestions that made the adoption process extremely smooth!

We are so lucky to have ‘Maggie’ in our life. She adapted to her new home very quickly and LOVES lots of loving. She is very content having her chin and belly rubbed – with her tail always wagging. Because of the heartworm treatment we cannot let her run or get too active. But once she no longer has heartworm we look forward to playing outside, going for long walks and watching our Puerto Rican Princess experience her first snow!

Thanks AGAG!