Status: Adopted

I was given the name Maddie four years ago, but my foster mom thinks it could be Shadow because she says I became her shadow the day I moved in with her.

I’m pretty good with commands. I know “sit” even though my foster mom says it turns into “sit down, roll onto back for a bell rub.” I’m learning “don’t jump.” I also know, “no” and come when I’m called. I obey my foster mom when she tells me to get down when I try to curl my whole body onto her lap. Could it possibly be that my 80 pounds and long legs are too heavy?

When I came to live with my foster mom a couple of months ago, I had my defenses up. It was new to me and I was scared so I would growl at my foster brother if he came near my food or to foster mom when she was giving me attention. I’m so much better now with my foster mom’s teaching and devotion. Sometimes, my mom, brother and I take a car ride and go to her son’s house. Now that I know the family and trust them, I feel I can relax and I don’t need to over-protect my foster mom anymore. Guess what? My foster brother and I went on a sleepover there one time! I was a good girl and we all had a great time!

In my previous home, I would growl at the kids if they got near my food, so I shouldn’t go to a home with kids that might not leave me alone when I am eating.

I also love to run in the yard, play with my furry foster brother, and I do jump around when I get excited. I have a heart murmur so I can’t get too excited because the vet put me on exercise restriction.  So I’m not supposed to run with my owner, but walking would be fine.

When I first came to As Good as Gold, I was missing hair on my coat, especially on my tail and low back. The nice vet put me on medication for my thyroid. Don’t you think my coat looks luxurious now? It sure feels better.
I don’t counter surf. I always relieve my self outside. You could trust me to stay alone in the house.

Who knows you better than your foster mom? She has some insights on what might be best in my forever home. She suggests owners that will take me to positive reinforcement obedience classes. Apparently I need to learn how to walk without pulling; I’m very strong. My being the only dog in the home might be best since I don’t like to always share the attention of my human. A family with young children may not be best as I still like to jump and I’m a big girl, and I might protect my food from them.

I’ve heard people say that I’m a “sweet and loving” girl. Do you have a spot in your heart to teach and love me in your home?

Female, 4 Years Old