The “Little Character:” Maddie


My foster dad describes me as a “little character” and a smart one too. I’ll admit it’s true. Here’s my secret plan to get their attention: Step 1: Bite on the plants in the backyard, Step 2: Look to see if dad and mom are watching, Step 3: Run and hope they chase me! Pretty smart for a 4-month old puppy!

My playfulness, intelligence, and affection represent the quintessential Golden Retriever puppy. But I’ve heard the vet and my foster parents talk about a condition I have with my heart. When the vet listened to my heart, he detected a murmur. After further testing, he diagnosed it as Moderate Subaortic Stenosis. He started me on heart medication, which helps to keep my blood pressure down. In addition to the medication, my foster parents monitor my activity to keep my heart from working too hard. And, my body seems to tell me when I need to limit my activity, so I take heed and relax a bit.  The prognosis includes a shortened life span, which, for this diagnosis, averages 2-3 years.

My older furry foster sister, Rosie lets me know when to settle down too! She’s like a grandma that way.  She plays with me sometimes, and I really love her a lot, but she lets me know when it’s time to take a break.

I’m mostly housebroken. The first night I stayed with my foster family, which was five weeks ago, I felt so cozy that I didn’t make a peep all night and didn’t need to go outside. I’ve already learned how to ring the bell at the door to announce my need to go out. I use it – – – most of the time. My foster parents take me outside many times throughout the day just to remind me of what I need to do out there—and I don’t think they mean leaf biting.

I have a crate, but it’s mainly used as my toy chest. I have a favorite toy, and because it’s shaped like a giant stuffed taco, my dad named it Mr. Taco! I like it because it makes a crinkly, crunchy sound when I play with it! Like most puppies I like to chew almost anything within reach. Sometimes those “anythings” aren’t good for puppies, so mom and dad substitute puppy-approved items.

Taking walks with my foster family is an enjoyable pastime. They think a harness works best. Sometimes we meet children along the way! Playing with them is exciting, but the little ones need to know that as puppy I might think it’s fun to chase them.

Foster dad says I “have a lot of life” in me and that I’m a fun addition to their family. (I enjoy them too!) One time when foster dad was on the floor, I snuggled up to him and we both fell asleep. I think we both felt relaxed and happy.

I have a lot of life in me now, but somewhere inside me I know that my time in this sweet world will likely be cut short. For now, every day when I wake up, I’m rarin’ to go and enjoy every minute I have with people, my canine companion, and fabulous earthly smells. If you’d like to share some valuable time with a puppy who is ready to love for as long as she can, I’m your girl.

  • Be at least 23 years of age

  • No children under 6 years of age living in your home

  • We primarily adopt goldens to families living within Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and the southern most counties of Wisconsin

  • If you do not own your residence or live in a condo, you will need a letter from your landlord or property management company

  • Provide excellent vet care for your dog(s)

  • Do not use an invisible fence

  • Are not over your town/county's pet limit

  • Have the knowledge and agreement of all adults living in the household

  • Be prepared to make a lifetime commitment

  • QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR POLICIES? All your answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If interested please fill out our online adoption application form; please make sure you fill in every required field/question or your submission will not go through. Please note that we take time to learn as much as we can about each dog in our care and our bios are our current observations; we are unable to make any guarantees on the future health or temperament of your adopted dog. Most dogs in our care come with unknown pre-rescue history and as such breed and age estimates are an educated guess.

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