Status: Adopted

Loxie Square

Everyone tells me what a gorgeous girl I am, but somehow that does not fuel my self-confidence.  You see, my first home was with a commercial breeder where I had little contact with anything outside my kennel.  When I went to live at my AGaG foster home everything was new to me.  There were so many scary sounds and sights that I just stayed curled up in the corner of the couch and only left my spot to eat when no one was looking.  Over time, I learned a lot from watching and interacting with my three foster siblings.  I am slowly discovering that being a dog can be fun!  I enjoy being rewarded with something yummy called “cookies”, car rides, running at the park and cuddling with my foster mom before bed.  I even wag my tail at the sound of my name!

I still need patient understanding of my shy and reserved demeanor, slow introductions to new situations, and a family who will delight in the progress I make in baby steps.  My forever home will need a fenced yard and at least one other dog to be my mentor and help me expand my golden world. I may never be your typical golden with that social, loving personality, but I am still a very sweet girl.  So, you get the hint, right?  I am a fearful dog so if you have experience with dogs like me, that is a plus.  Are you ready to help me continue my transition?  Then I may be just the girl for you!


4 Years Old