Status: Adopted

I have that heart of gold that everyone is looking for.  When my family couldn’t keep me anymore, As Good as Gold swooped in and offered me a wonderful place to call home until I can find my forever home.   I am a low maintenance, easy going, laid-back kind of guy in the house and have wonderful house manners and love to just hang out in the yard.  But, once you get your keys and my leash, all bets are off for my nice, easy going personality.  I get so excited to go with you wherever we are going.  I am a big boy, so this could be a challenge for most.  Once in the car, I am still excited and anxious, but I am getting better.

I love people and have enjoyed everyone that I have met.  When it comes to the four legged creatures, I don’t get as excited.  I am not good with cats at all and other dogs make me very, very nervous.  So, I need to be the only animal in your home and I won’t be a dog park visitor.  A fenced in yard would be a plus since I get way too excited when my leash comes out.  I will need someone that is strong that can walk me.  My harness really helps me, but training classes would be a great thing to learn how to have better leash manners.

So, if you are looking for a lovable, big boy, I am all of that and more.   I will move right in and make myself at home.



7 Years Old