Status: Adopted

Foster mom says I am a keeper.  I am not exactly sure what that means, but I think she really likes me.  She says that I am an absolute sweetheart and I will make my forever family very happy.

I came from Puerto Rico and now am a lucky girl that gets to live a wonderful life here.  I love my stuffed babies and always have one with me to keep me company.  I even bring one outside with me.  I have a fun trick with my stuffed toys.  I will swing one around until it lands on my back and then we hang out together.  I think it’s a fun talent.  I also have a favorite blankie that I hold in my mouth when I sleep.  Oh, and when I sleep, I sometimes snore.  Foster mom says I can snore pretty loud.  I keep myself content chewing on an assortment of nylabones every day or carrying towels around the house.

There are lots of dogs that visit my foster home and I get along with all of them.  It’s fun to run around the yard with the other dogs.  It’s great exercise because I need to lose some weight.  I am also good walking on a leash, so lots of walks will also help me get my girlish figure back.  I have hip displaysia as well, so getting my weight down and building up my muscles will really help me.  I take some pills that make me feel better so I don’t have as much discomfort.

I haven’t had any accidents in the house, and won’t jump on the furniture, but I have gotten into paper a few times.  I sneak into the bathroom and steal the toilet paper and tear it into little pieces.  I am pretending to make snow since I have never seen snow before.

All in all, I am a really sweet, easy going girl and I am ready to move right in and make myself at home with my forever family.

Female, 9 Years Old