Status: Success Stories

Lincoln is a joy and a real icebreaker. We go for two strolls a day around the neighborhood.

Since getting Lincoln, I’ve met a lot of neighbors. In Lincoln’s opinion, anyone who is outside is outside because they want to pet him! He stops and tries to will people into coming over and petting him. It works a lot of times. So far, it hasn’t worked on the teenagers shooting baskets, but he’s still trying. The mail lady has told him he is very nice and could teach his canine neighbors the proper way to treat her. He especially likes to visit the neighbor who gives him dog treats, butt scratches, and belly rubs.

Lincoln is a senior.  He is deaf but knows signs for come, stay, sit/down. When the tornado siren went off recently, he remained calm. I just put the leash on him, led him to the basement, sat down, and gave him the sit/down sign.

I refer to Lincoln as a grandpa dog because of how he responds to puppies and children. He is smitten with a neighbor’s Golden Retriever puppy. When the puppy, Bella, was 10-weeks old, her “mom” carried her out front to introduce her to us. Lincoln did a perfect sit with his nose stretched up to try to sniff her and his tail wagging. Now when our walk takes us by Bella’s yard, they sniff and lick noses under the gate. He stops every time we pass by to see if she is in the yard to sniff and lick noses with him.

At home, he likes to lounge on the couch. When I’m watching TV, he either lies on my feet or behind the chair.


Lincoln is a very much loved 11-year old golden.