Status: Adopted

Lily Square

Unfortunately, I was the victim of eating too much and getting minimal exercise.  My weight ballooned up to 134 pounds before being relinquished to As Good as Gold.  There have been BIG changes since I came to live in my foster home!  I was shocked when I was only offered two cups of kibble each day compared to the four cups I was used to consuming. My tummy was growling!  And treats?  Do you call carrots treats?  I have three very active canine foster siblings. At first, I was only able to watch the wild activity around me, but now after losing some weight, I can join them for some short romps.  I am accustomed to living with other dogs in the house and I would definitely be lonely without a companion.  I love my yard and am content to stay outside as long as I am allowed.  I will bark at any strange critters that come into view, but I’m still a few pounds away from making a successful catch.  A fenced yard in my new home would be the perfect place for me to get the untethered exercise I will need until I am more physically fit for long calorie burning walks.  I enjoy carrying small toys with me, but I don’t have the physical ability to play fetch just yet.  I also haven’t attempted to climb the stairs since I arrived, but that will come soon.  One day at a time.

I am looking for a forever family who will make a priority of helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle. Offering me high quality food and healthy snacks of fruits and veggies is essential.  I will also need daily exercise that is increased in duration as my stamina improves so that I can reach my optimum weight.  Along with all this, hugs and kisses, belly rubs and sweet talk are also necessities for my recovery.  After all, I have to take care of my body.  It is the only place I have to live in.


8 Years Old