Layla Lee

Status: Adopted

Layla Lee Square

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and came to As Good as Gold to start new life.  It took me a little time to understand English and figure out what my foster mom wanted me to do, but now that I am a bi-lingual gal,  I understand the need to potty only outside, and am learning to follow commands like sit/stay and down/stay and “bed”.  Training is also easier because I will do anything for a tasty treat!  I walk very calmly on a leash and spend my days running and wrestling with my foster fur siblings.  I am content to relax in my crate when my family leaves me alone at home, and I get my pick of bedrooms to sleep in unrestricted overnight.

When I was living in Puerto Rico, I had several seizures, but now I take an inexpensive medication and haven’t had any more episodes since arriving several months ago.  Sometimes my tummy makes gurgling sounds and I have some unladylike flatulence.  Recently, my foster mom found me some great tasting grain and gluten free food.  That, along with an occasional Pepcid tablet, helps minimize those issues.

I recently lived up to my movie star name and striking good looks when my canine foster sister Lilly and I became YouTube sensations.  A video of Lilly encouraging me to go down a playground slide by pulling me by my leash received lots of what they call “hits” when it was posted on and  We’re famous!  Check me out at the link below.–abc-news-pets.html#

In the evening, I love to settle down on the couch for snuggles with my humans while we watch a few programs on the Animal Channel.  Everyone tells me how sweet and good natured I am.  I’m eager and ready to please a forever family and become a **Star** at your house.

**I will need a playful canine sibling in my forever home to help me burn my energy, and someone who is home a lot, especially in the morning, because I need to go outside to go potty frequently.  


2 Years Old