Status: Adopted

Lassie square

I am not a large golden at fifty pounds, but I am huge on personality! I love all dogs, cats, birds and kids.  You name it!  I consider strangers just best friends I haven’t met yet.  In my previous home, I spent my days chained to a tree and was relinquished to As Good as Gold suffering from arthritis in my lower spine. I received a series of injections of a medication to reduce inflammation and increase thickness of joint fluid as well as chiropractic treatment and cold laser therapy. Now I am able to move around with ease with no signs of discomfort. I enjoy two or three walks a day and could spend hours running and playing at the dog park.

My two fur foster siblings are my constant companions. We play hard and then we are content to snuggle close to my foster mom on her bed. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get a head/back/tummy rub to lull me to sleep.  Recently my canine foster sister Lulu had surgery and she was confined to her crate. I often leave the coziness of my bed or couch and crawl into the crate with her to offer a comforting cuddle.

Stuffed animals don’t last long when left in my reach but my big squeaky tennis ball is sturdy enough to withstand my constant tossing and gnawing.  Barking isn’t in my nature, but I do make a soft yodel sound and jump around when I am excited or anticipating my dinner.  I love car rides, Peanut Butter Buddy Biscuits, liver jerky, being close to my foster mom and of course ear scratches can always elicit a smile from me. I have learned a lot of commands, but I have earned the name “Sassy Lassie” because I only perform on MY schedule.

When I am outside, I sometimes just sit down with my nose in the air enjoying the interesting smells and wistfully dream of the day I will find a family of my own who will appreciate my sweet demeanor and love me forever.


5 Years Old