Status: Adopted

My life as a lonely stray in Puerto Rico is a thing of the past. Over the past several months, I have become acclimated to living in a loving home under the guidance of my foster family. I am now accustomed to eating dog food instead of the human food I used to scrounge and beg for on the island. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy an occasional piece of beef jerky! As a guy who was always on the run before I was rescued, I am still very athletic and can run four miles with Foster Dad without complaint. I also walk well on a leash when I am wearing my harness.

I still need a little training on how to greet strange dogs. I usually just want to play, but I am unsure about how to approach other canines, especially if they are staring at me. Foster Dad is working on that with me and I get lots of treats when I don’t react negatively. I am learning what fun playing can be. My stuffed pet monkey is my best pal and I love swinging it around and tossing it into the air. Obeying obedience commands is second nature to me. I know “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “come” and occasionally choose to understand “leave it”.  I will fetch a tennis ball for a short time until I lose interest and I also like a rousing game of tug. I love children, so maybe they will teach me some new games in my forever home.  At one time, I was very frightened of cars. With a little encouragement, I will now willingly hop in with the hopes that we are going to the lake for a run. I am still not comfortable with going up and down stairs, but I hope that practice makes perfect.

I’m not allowed to get on the furniture, but I am happy to relax at the feet of my foster mom and dad and wait for a hug or scratch. I don’t like the idea of being crated, but I can be trusted to have the run of the house while left alone. I also sleep on my bed all night without a peep. Until I become more confident, I would like to be the only pet in my future home. My human family will be enough companionship for me!


2 Years Old