Status: Adopted

Lady Square

If I may brag a bit, my name “Lady” fits me perfectly!  I am a quiet house guest at my foster home and have the appearance and energy of a much younger dog.  I never ever get on the furniture, I give a gentle howl when I need to go outside and I save my chewing for bones and toys.  I love to put my head on anyone’s lap who is offering pets and scratches and counter surf? NEVER!  At a petite 59 pounds, I enjoy playing ball with my fur foster brother and I sleep in the same room with one of the resident cats.  I am interested in becoming better acquainted with the other kitties who live here, but they usually ignore me, so I don’t bother them.  My foster mom says that I’m a mix of golden retriever and a gymnast.  When it’s time to go outside, I’ve been known to do a front flip in excited anticipation!  I love walks but I need some practice so I don’t pull so much when trying to greet other dogs along our route.  I’m very friendly and outgoing, but when I see someone near our house, I bark to warn my mom.  I settle down quickly when my foster mom assures me that she is safe.

If you are searching for a companion who is well behaved, full of love and a joy to be around, I’m packed and ready to join your family.


10 Years Old