Status: Adopted


I am available and ready to accept tummy rubs and butt scratches from my forever family! I love my back yard and am a very busy girl.  I am always on the alert for interlopers in my domain, namely squirrels who tend to tease me with their chattering just out of my reach. My harness helps me walk calmer lately, but all bets are off if I see one of those pesky rodents and I forget my manners. Conversely, strange barking dogs don’t elicit a reaction from me. Everyone loves me along our walking route and stops to pet me. I have to be reminded to sit politely and not jump up for a quick kiss.

I don’t need to be crated and have been a good girl when given the run of the house and even tho I would love to sleep on Foster Mom’s bed, I am content to follow her rules to stay on my bed nearby. I am very curious, so counters and table tops should be kept clear of interesting items that I might want to take possession of.  Squeaky toys and tug ropes are better choices for my entertainment and I never tire of encouraging my humans to join in my play.  My special German Shephard dog friend and I love fast moving games of chase so I look forward to having a yard of my own to run circle eights in.

In the past, I have had some ear infections and I occasionally get a case of the “itchies”.  These conditions seem to point to allergies, so I have been taking a medication called Apoquel to give me some relief. Foster Mom is now tapering me off this medication and switching my kibble to a grain free variety in hopes that I will continue to be irritation-free.

Although I know some basic commands like sit, shake, leave it and speak, I still need some more training to reach the personification of a “Perfect Golden”.  My forever family and I will have fun working on this venture together and their reward will be plenty of cuddles, Golden kisses and a wonderful companion.


7 Years Old