Status: Success Stories

Our family had two goldens and a cat.  After our first golden died, life was quieter. Then our other golden and then the cat died – the quiet was overwhelming.  We had sent an application to AGaG and knew the process would take a while, so we adopted two cats.  Friends warned us that a dog would be harder to place with cats, but we wanted both and adopted a pair of three year old litter mates, Toby and Jackson.

We lucked out when AGaG told us about a “cat friendly” Golden in foster care nearby.  We went to meet her and brought her home that day.  She is wonderful—friendly, happy, well-trained and cat friendly.  The cats freaked, so we put up gates that kept them apart for a couple months. Now we’re one big happy family.  Lacy has settled into her new home, loves her daily walks and her new bed, although she is on our bed more often than not.  She is frantically happy and excited every time we walk into the house.  We are so lucky to have found her and to have found AGaG.  We love Lacy and we love AGaG!