Status: Adopted

First thing in the morning, I remind my foster mom that it’s time to take a walk in the forest preserve! Sometimes we get to go wading in the river too! Another way to go is in the car—can’t wait!  Life wasn’t always this fun for me. I didn’t get to go anywhere.  My job was being a mommy and now I get to put that all in the past.

I’m so happy that As Good as Gold rescued me. I was able to move in with a kind and nurturing foster family and two furry foster brothers.  When I came to As Good as Gold, I had something called Heartworm Disease.  I guess that’s a pretty bad thing so I had to go through painful treatment to make me healthy again.  I am happy that I am done with treatment and ready to put that behind me too.

By observing my foster brothers, I’ve learned how to take treats from foster mom, how to find the best places to do my business outside, and how to explore and enjoy the amazing outdoors! Most importantly, being with them has greatly assisted me in becoming more confident living in this active world. My foster brothers and I get along quite well, but I’m actually not the playful sort. Perhaps I just consider them my mentor friends.

Want to know something special? I’ve learned that there are many kind people in the world! I’ve discovered what a wonderful feeling it is to greet people on walks and smile at them from the car. The humans I treasure most are the members of my foster family. I find myself wanting to be with foster mom so much that I follow her around a lot!  I even heard my foster mom say I’m a “sweetheart!” Oh, that made me feel all loved inside.

My additional discoveries include stuffed animals (I bring them to foster mom sometimes), kongs with peanut butter, and other great-smelling things to chew. I’ve also discovered the cozy comfort of a dog bed! I lounge on it in the family room surrounded by my special foster family.

I’ve been given the freedom to enjoy and relax inside this loving family home. Foster mom thinks it’s a good idea to have someone let me out if I’ll be alone for more than six hours or so.

I’d sure like to have a forever home, especially now that I’ve found how wonderful a loving family can be. Feeling safe and relaxed in a peaceful home is amazing. Being on the go is exciting too!  When it’s time to be on the go, can I go with you?

Female, 7 Years Old