Status: Adopted

Kaduz square

Kaduz is not a very common name for a Golden, but I found out that it means pleasant, easy going and friendly in nature. Add sweet and a loveable personality and you have a perfect description of ME! My foster mom likes my name, but prefers to call me Doozie for short.

When I first came to As Good as Gold, my skin was itchy and I scratched constantly. Medicated baths, Omega 3 capsules and a quality food made me feel so much better and now my coat is soft and shiny and I seldom have to scratch. In March, I had a mass on my chest removed which was something the veterinarian called a low grade mast cell tumor.  The doctor gave me a hug and said she got it all out and my future looks great!

As expected in a ten year old pup, I have a little arthritis, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I want. I move around just great and run up and down the stairs easily. I love walks and even carry my own leash. Unfortunately, my leash looks a little ragged, but with my mouth full, I can’t pick up contraband along our route. There are lots of toys at my house and I love them all, especially the tennis balls which I like to keep to myself.  My canine foster brother and I are best buddies. We sleep next to each other and I always like to be touching him. We even go on car rides and sit calmly in the back seat together. I get a little nervous during thunder storms, but cuddles from my humans help me stay calm. The vacuum cleaner, however, is a really scary monster and I keep my distance.  Foster mom and I have a special relationship and even have our own form of communication. We go back to my canid roots and share a battle of the wolf call. She will greet me with a howl sound and I will answer back with gusto.  We both enjoy that game.

I am a wonderful, great, happy dog waiting to find a wonderful, great, happy family to share the rest of my life with.  I hope I find them soon.


10 Years Old