Status: Adopted

juno square

I am the kind of guy that will make you laugh and smile every day.  I am an energetic, fun loving boy.  I keep everyone entertained with my silly, playful side.  I entertain myself by running around the house with different toys in my mouth. I am also very affectionate and love everyone that I meet.  I love attention, but what golden doesn’t?

I love to go for rides in the car, I have even gone for rides on a boat and loved it.  Long walks are great too.  I don’t pull on the leash and they help me get some of my energy out.  I will need to be watched when we go for walks because I like to find treasures along the way and sometimes eat whatever I find.  After all, I am still a young boy, and sometimes that’s just what young dogs do.

I should be the only dog in my forever home.  I get extremely excited when I see other dogs and sometimes a little stressed.  I have learned to sit and wait on my walks when other dogs pass by and I am getting much better.  I am a quick learner, and even have learned to “bring it” which means that I will bring the paper in for you.  I know that more training needs to be in my future, but I am so excited to learn new things.

So how about it?  Are you ready for some fun times?  Come and meet me and I will make you smile

Age: 1