Status: Adopted

Jumbo Square

I am true to my name, weighing in at 85 pounds of pure muscle and I am even tall enough to put my front feet on your shoulders while standing on my back feet!   My story starts far away in Lebanon where I was rescued by some great people from BETA.  A wonderful lady flew with me to bring me to As Good as Gold.  I know my life has changed now I will find a wonderful forever family.

Foster dad says I am a very sweet boy.  I love to nuzzle your hand with my nose, and I find nothing more pleasing than a good belly rub with all four of my paws up in the air.

Sometimes I get a little excited and want to jump on people.  I am good with kids, but would be better with older ones since I might be able to knock smaller kids down.  I know my basic obedience commands, but I occasionally show my wild side so my new family will need to take me to something called obedience so I can keep learning my manners

I will need a fenced in yard in my new home so I can run and play.  I am also a master at keeping those pesky critters out of your yard and will chase them to let them know they are on my turf.  I don’t like cats either.  I rarely bark and I will settle down quickly after a rousing game of fetch.  At night, I will sleep contently on my big, soft dog bed.  I would love for you to come and meet me so I can show you how happy I am to be starting a new life.


3 Years Old