Status: Success Stories

We adopted Josie, a 6-year-old female, retired from a breeder.  At the time, our 11-year-old female Golden, Trudy, was still healthy.  Upon meeting Josie, Trudy was somewhat jealous, but Trudy’s good nature prevailed, and she snuggled Josie on our way home from the foster mom’s house.

Josie, we were warned, had no personality.  She was docile and reticent, scurrying from us when we came near.  However, as she watched Trudy play with us and come to us for attention, Josie was right next to her for pets and scratches.  Trudy taught Josie to use stairs and follow us outside to do her business.

Months after we adopted Josie, Trudy stopped walking.  We doctored her for six months, and she would recover, then collapse in intervals.  All the while, Josie stayed next to Trudy or nearby; Josie seemed to comfort her furry sibling. Soon, Josie went on our walks as Trudy spent most of her days lying on the floor.  We buried Trudy a few weeks ago after she started bleeding internally.  Josie has been a great comfort to us and is always next to me now.