Status: Adopted

Joshy square

My life has really changed in the last few months since Love Puerto Goldens rescued me from the streets, and sent me to As Good as Gold for safe keeping.  I love my new foster home where I am never hungry and have a nice crate to sleep in, but I am not so sure about the ‘white grass’ my foster mom calls snow.  Will I ever become accustomed to the ice between my toes?

I‘m so lucky to have foster sibs who teach me the ropes and grandkids to play tug and run with.  I know lots of commands like sit, wait, come and find it so relaxing to be brushed, groomed and petted.  I love my tennis balls and even play “roll and chase” by myself.  Recently I have discovered how entertaining stuffed animals can be.  I like to investigate what is inside each one, so I pull their insides out and when I am satisfied there are no treats inside I spread their remains throughout the house and move on to my next adventure.

My dark coat and skin condition has improved, but I still have some occasional itching which an antihistamine helps alleviate. I may always have a few bare spots here and there which I think adds to my charm.   My ears are a little thickened from past untreated problems, but the infections have cleared now and with proper care shouldn’t cause me any problems.  My doctor discovered tiny cataracts in my eyes.  They don’t affect my vision but may need to be addressed as I age.  Heck!  The good news is that I don’t even need glasses!

Foster mom told me that although she has had thirteen foster dogs before me, I am the one she will always fondly remember because I am adorable, loveable and oh so sweet.  I’m ready to find a forever family.  Are you ready for a furever companion?


4 Years Old