Status: Adopted

Jax Square

“Very bright and curious!”  That’s how my foster dad describes me.  I’ve been the perfect house guest since I arrived a short time ago.  I sit before I get my meals or treats and am completely housebroken. I love human attention and willingly accept any type of handling. I made myself comfortable from the first night by snuggling in bed with canine foster sister Nell and Foster Dad, but I stay off all the other furniture in the house.  I chew on sticks that I find in the yard, but I never gnaw on anything inappropriate.

I love to play chase with Nell who is showing me what to do with the foreign objects called “toys”.  Leash walks are fun and a new experience for me.  I try not to pull and am very close to walking consistently in the heel position.  At thirty-three pounds I am not fully grown yet, but my size does not deter me from searching for hidden goodies on the counter when I observe that no one is looking.  Foster Dad said I am very sneaky and very intelligent too!  Running marathons with Nell in our big fenced yard is a golden dream come true.  It is always more fun having a playmate to join me in burning off some of my puppy energy.  After a busy day, I am content to stick close to Foster Dad and settle in for some pets and belly rubs.

I know I win the cuteness award with my big brown eyes, ever-wagging tail and whimsical ears.  I also guarantee that I will make you proud of me when I finish at the top of my glass at the obedience school we attend together.  I’ll even share my blue ribbon with you!


6 Months Old