Status: Success Stories

Our dog’s name is Javi (pronounced Havvy).  His name at adoption was Jerry, but since he was originally from Puerto Rico, we selected a new name that honored his heritage.

Javi wakes us up every morning at 4 a.m. with kisses to our face, and then immediately goes back to sleep.  It’s the sweetest thing ever!  He’s not interested in playing or going outside, just extending a quick “hello.” When he is ready to get up and out, he pulls the covers off us!

Walking and exploring the neighborhood are a favorite. We go around different blocks each time, so he doesn’t get bored.  He’s high energy, so even though he has a fenced-in backyard, a few walks a day are important.

Javi’s favorite toys are pillows from our bed, and a chew toy.  He also enjoys a game of catch. Hence, the baseball cap!

Javi is sweet, mild-mannered, very loving and cuddly. He loves to sit on the couch and watch TV with us at the end of the day.  He definitely tells us when it’s time for bed, too, by standing by the stairs or lying on the first stair until we’re ready.

This golden has brought so much joy and love into our house! We are empty-nesters, so it’s been wonderful having such an energetic little fur-baby. He brings a wonderful dimension to our lives and is the exemplification of unconditional love! We just love our little boy so much!