Status: Recent Adoptions

My name is Hudson and I’m 7-years old.

Here are some ways I like to have fun: playing with children, being near my family, playing in sprinklers, and going for walks.

I like it too when foster mom has visitors; she thinks I make a very nice host. It’s also comforting when it’s just foster mom and me. Bringing one of my toys, I will cuddle up next to her and then it’s petting time.

Since being with As Good as Gold, I’ve been seen playing with neighborhood kids, foster mom’s grandkids, and a little boy that I befriended the entire time I was with him.

In-ground sprinklers are a blast! I hurry down the porch steps, run and wriggle in the water, and bite at the spray for a drink. Foster mom notices my unhappy face when it gets turned off.

I like going for walks so much that one time I brought one of foster mom’s shoes to her. I walk merrily along until . . . I come across a male dog. A big, strong male dog attacked me a few years ago. I feel like I have to defend myself from them, so I bark and raise a raucous. Here’s what foster mom’s been doing to help me with this: She instructs me to sit, pets me, and says, “It’s okay.” We’re working on this, it does seem to calm me, and then we continue our walk. It’s also helpful when, still at a distance from the dog, I’m rewarded for being calm. I don’t react to female dogs. I grew up with a female dog in my former home.

Foster mom knows that I’ve never had an accident in the house or chewed inappropriate things; I make a great car passenger, can be left home alone for several hours, and am not afraid of fireworks or thunder!

A fenced-in yard would be best for me as the dog that attacked me came into my yard. Children in the house would be fabulous, but it’s best that young children not walk me on their own. My forever parents will need to continue working with me on my response to male dogs.

Mom says I’m friendly and a “sweetheart.” And I’m hoping to become a permanent part of a loving family.