Status: Adopted

Squirrels have no place in my yard! I sit in wait on the deck until one of those chattering critters comes down a tree trunk.  I can spot them from a distance and I give chase. When I first arrived at As Good as Gold, they thought that my eyesight was either badly compromised or I was nearly blind due to Keratoconjuctivitis (KCS) which is a condition of decreased tear production. Luckily, my problem was apparently discovered early enough before permanent damage was done. My foster parents have been vigilant in administering my eye medications and my sight has greatly improved. The doctor said my present vision can be compared to needing reading glasses! She is hopeful that my eyesight will continue to improve over time, but I will probably always need to medicate my eyes to prevent inflammation.

The back yard is my nirvana and I love to dart around and chase one of my canine foster siblings. Sometimes I can’t help myself and I bark at the neighbor’s dog as a way to greet him and encourage him to play. I don’t know how I feel about c.a.t.s. Occasionally I will also bark at the resident kitty, but I usually just ignore her. I am not sure what to do with toys, but watching the other dogs interact with these foreign objects, I am sure I will learn to enjoy this exercise called “play”.

Where stairs were once an enigma, I have learned to ascend and descend them during the day, but I am a little reluctant to navigate them in the dark. Consequently, I choose to sleep downstairs on the couch overnight. I enthusiastically wag my tail while greeting my family from the bottom of the stairs when I hear the first sounds in the morning.

My foster dad says that I am submissive, but I prefer to describe myself as a sweet trusting guy who is a non-combative. I love being close to my humans and find that cuddling on the couch, resting my head on an outstretched arm or a welcoming lap is as close to paradise as I can imagine.


8 Years Old