I am a very active girl that needs to go to a home with adults that will be committed to helping me learn my manners and get better with some behavior issues.  I get nervous around children, so I need to be in a home where I won’t be exposed to young kids.  When I get nervous, I bark, and I bark a lot!  Storms also make me worried, so I will bark at them too.

My mom is a standard poodle and my dad is a golden retriever.  Even though I am a golden doodle, I still shed, so I am definitely not a hypoallergenic dog.  I love to play ball, but sometimes would rather tug with it, so you need to have two tennis balls for me to play fetch.  I am also a really good snuggler and will stay nice and close to you on the couch.  I am a good houseguest, I am housebroken and crate trained, but I don’t need to be crated, I am a good girl as long as there is nothing in the kitchen that will be tempting.

I am a great passenger in the car, whether I am in a crate or just hanging out.  I also love to go for walks, but walks aren’t enough to burn my energy.  I am a typical, hyper golden doodle and my energy never goes away.   My barking is just a crazy as my energy.  I bark to play, I bark at things outside, I just like to hear my own voice, a lot!  Apartment or condo living won’t be a good place for me.

Some of the things that I will need work on include my barking, and I also like to launch myself at the counter to see if there is anything up there that I can score.  I also like to play rough with my people and can get pretty mouthy when excited.  I hope you are getting the picture that I will need a patient, active owner who is very excited to take me to positive reinforcement obedience classes.  I have some bad associations with people grabbing at my collar which makes me get nippy.  I have been working on positive associations with being handled, so my new owners will need to help me continue to work on this in a positive way.

I am in a foster home with other dogs, but I don’t interact with them and they make me uneasy.  I also may growl at them a bit if I have a toy or don’t want them near me.  I am fine on walks when seeing other dogs.  I just ignore them.  I just haven’t been around enough dogs to know how to play.  I will do much better in a home without other dogs.

I have also had seizures in the past.  I take one medication called Gabapentin and I haven’t had any seizures since starting the medication.  Hopefully they are a thing of the past.

As you can see, I have a lot of great qualities and will turn into a wonderful companion with training and patience.  I am ready for you to welcome me into your home so we can play all day long!

Female, 5 Years Old