Status: Adopted

Hanzel square

Looking for a sweet little ball of energy?  Look no further!  I’m your boy!  I’m two years old and came to As Good As Gold from the streets of Puerto Rico.  I was a quick study for the luxuries of living in house, and haven’t looked back since!  There’s only two places I want to be, outdoors or by your side.  I need a lot of exercise so each day foster dad and I play rigorous games of fetch in the yard (I’m a pro!) and then I take him on a long walk.  I wear a harness to help me remember not to pull.  I love sunning in the yard, and chasing squirrels and birds.  I need a fenced in yard to keep me happy and safe, and foster mom says I need to be an only dog — something about me being too bossy??!!  In the evening I cuddle on the couch with everyone and foster mom says I’m one of the sweetest dogs she knows.

Even though I’m tiny (45 pounds) I have a big appetite and eat three times a day!  Sometimes my meals don’t come quickly enough but I know that if I howl and dance the humans will clue in.  If they don’t I’m not opposed to helping myself to something on the counter.  🙂

I don’t like to be left alone, especially not in a crate or small room.  But when I am left alone I do best if I have the reign of the house.  I’ve never chewed on anything that’s not mine.   I take daily meds to help with anxiety and also to control diabetes insipidus.  Foster mom says I am worth it and that I am her favorite foster.  Full of personality, vitality, intelligence and the perfect combination of silly energy and sweet affection.

So if you’re in the market for playful, smart and cuddly companion, be sure to look me up!


2 Years Old